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What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a form of insurance for pet owners. It can help you with unexpected costs when your cat or dog has an emergency. Pet Insurance is a health care policy for your pet that will provide payment or reimbursement for specific health expenses that are covered by the policy.

Pet Insurance Companies We Recommend

The Farley Foundation

What Is the Farley Foundation?

The Farley Foundation supports the relationship between pets and people by generating and allocating resources to subsidize veterinary care for Ontario families in need. The Farley Foundation assists those who are struggling financially to pay for veterinary care for their pets.

Our Work With the Farley Foundation

Pet owners who cannot afford medical care for their sick or injured pet, and who fall into one of the categories below, should speak to their veterinarian about the availability of Farley Foundation funding:

  • Seniors receiving the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).
  • Disabled individuals receiving the Ontario Disability Support Payment (ODSP) or the Canada Pension Plan Disability Payment (CPP Disability).
  • Individuals receiving assistance through the Ontario Works Progr
  • Persons with an annual household income of less than $25,000.
  • Supportive housing for seniors, retirement homes or long-term care facilities with live-in pets.

Please speak to us if you feel you might qualify for this program. Each case is up to the discretion of our hospital as the foundation limits the amount of funding veterinary hospitals receive each year.