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Skilled Preventive & Wellness Exams in Scarborough

Each year, cats and dogs undergo costly treatments and procedures that might have been avoided with regular wellness and preventive examinations. However, we know it can be challenging to find a veterinary practice you trust to give your pet the care they deserve. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we’re proud to offer quality preventive and wellness exams to help improve your pet’s quality of life and address health concerns before they become a major issue.

We are happy to open our doors to patients of records and new patients alike. Our team of friendly veterinarians has extensive experience working with pets of all ages. We can’t wait to meet you and start a personal and professional relationship you can lean on for years to come. Contact our Scarborough pet wellness clinic to schedule your beloved companion’s next appointment with our team!

Does My Pet Need Wellness & Preventive Exams?

It’s normal to question whether wellness and preventive exams are necessary for your pet. Cats and dogs are hard-wired to hide pain and discomfort, which makes it crucial that you bring them in for regular examinations and preventive services. By taking a proactive approach to their health care, you help prevent your pet from experiencing potentially dangerous health complications. Our team is more than happy to break down what our Scarborough pet wellness services encompass and how they can ultimately benefit your pet.

Our Wellness & Preventive Exam Offerings

When you bring your pet in for their initial appointment, we’ll ask you various questions about their behavior and medical history. Does your pet suffer from a pre-existing condition like diabetes? Has there ever been a lapse in their vaccination records? Does your pet regularly come in contact with animals of the same species? From there, our veterinarian will determine which of our services are right for them. We’ll consider various points before recommending services, like your pet’s age, overall health, and lifestyle.

Some of the components of our pet wellness and preventive services include:

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are the most basic form of health care you can provide your pet. Our Scarborough wellness exams aim to gauge your pet’s overall condition and provide medical intervention to prevent easily treatable issues from progressing to more severe complications. Our veterinarian will look at your pet’s eyes, skin, teeth, and gait during a wellness exam. We may also use x-ray technology to examine your pet’s internal structures, like bones and organs. Finally, we’ll provide you with a personalized treatment plan to help keep your pet feeling their best. Our office can also provide exams for travel, as travelling to other provinces or countries may require wellness certification.


Vaccines are designed to activate your pet’s protective immune responses and help prepare their body to combat potential infections and eliminate disease-causing bacteria. Unfortunately, countless pet owners put off vaccinating their cats and dogs each year. Failing to vaccinate a pets increases their risk of contracting contagious and potentially deadly diseases. Whether you have a cat or dog, our office can provide with core and non-core vaccinations, depending on their needs.

Heart Evaluations

Heart health is just as important for your pet as it is for you, especially as your pet enters their golden years. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we leverage extensive experience and modern technology to closely monitor your pet’s heart and look out for complications. For example, heartworm is an easy-to-treat condition in dogs, but if the parasites aren’t found soon enough, it can lead to serious heart problems. Our tests can identify signs of heartworm and apply the necessary treatment to protect their health.

Blood Testing

Our veterinary practice is proud to provide skilled blood tests for pets. These tests provide us with information about your pet’s overall health, including blood cell count, organ function, and potential infections. Your pet’s blood can also alert our team to cancer, anemia, or allergies. By having another layer of diagnostic tools through blood work, we can take a better preventive approach to your pet’s health.

Ear Examinations

It’s commonly known that the hearing of cats and dogs is better than ours. That’s why it’s important that your pet’s ears are effectively cared for to maintain their quality of life. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, as part of our Scarborough pet wellness services, we offer dependable ear examinations to detect everything from hearing loss to infections. You can rest assured we’ll work hard to keep your pet’s ears healthy.

Scarborough Pet Wellness Services for Cats & Dogs

Whether you have an elderly dog or a young cat, Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital is your place for skilled wellness and preventive exams. We offer everything from detailed blood work to extensive vaccinations. If you’re ready to give your pet the Scarborough pet wellness care they deserve, reach out to our office today to schedule their next appointment with our friendly veterinary staff!