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Pet Surgery

Your Team for Veterinary Surgery in Scarborough

Is your pet down with a broken bone or urinary stones? You can count on Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital for pet surgery in Toronto. The well-being of your pet is the primary concern for us. Our veterinarians have surgical training to handle routine procedures. Our surgeons will do a thorough physical exam of your furry friend and answer all your questions regarding the upcoming surgical procedure. We also have dedicated veterinary surgeons, who apply industry-standard techniques and protocols to carry out advanced pet surgeries. We focus on controlling pain before, during, and after the surgery. In addition, our clinic is designed to offer comfort in a family-friendly environment.

Why Does Your Pet Need Surgery?

There are plenty of reasons why your pet might be in pain. Some of the conditions may not require surgery but it’s very important to get a proper diagnosis made. Pet Surgery can be routine or an emergency. Pet emergencies that require surgery include being hit by a vehicle or any similar accident. Some common occasions where your pet might require surgery are:

  • If your pet swallows a foreign object
  • Hernia repair
  • If your pet is unable to deliver
  • Cherry-eye repair
  • Correct entropion/ectropion
  • Enucleation
  • Urinary stone removal
  • Nasal fold resection
  • Aural hematoma
  • Intestinal resection and anastomosis
  • Tumour excisions

The experienced team at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital excels in handling pet surgery in Toronto. We have dedicated surgeons, advanced monitoring tools, and specialized equipment to properly conduct safe and successful surgeries.

Anesthesia For Pets

For most surgeries, anesthesia is required to prevent your pet from experiencing pain. Anesthesia is also recommended because your pet mustn’t move while in surgery. It may lead to complications.

How to Care For Your Pet Post-Surgery?

Caring for your beloved pets after surgery is the most important part of the recovery process. The caring process is dependent on your pet’s condition and age. Even the smallest surgeries are invasive; therefore, they must rest while they reach home. Post-surgery, it is essential to limit their activity so that the wounds heal quickly and properly. It is necessary to spend as much time as possible with your pets to keep them comfortable. Also, giving your pet the prescribed medications will make them rest and heal quickly. The most commonly prescribed medications after surgery are antibiotics. They are given to prevent infection and to relieve post-op discomfort. Our veterinarian will also suggest you keep an eye out for any signs of infection or swelling following the procedure.

We help your pet reduce stress and strain by providing quality healing and surgical care. Rest assured; your best friend is in safe hands. Get in touch with our veterinary team for pet surgery in Toronto.