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Pet Rehabilitation

As a pet owner, you want your pet to live a long and comfortable life. A crucial component of your pet’s well-being is their mobility, as it allows them to explore their world and keep their weight in check, among other things. Whether your pet has just been through major surgery, or their range of motion is beginning to decrease because of age, Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital is here for them. Our practice is proud to provide time-tested pet rehabilitation services ranging from laser therapy to obstacle-based exercise.

Over the years, we’ve improved the scope of our rehabilitation services to meet the needs of dogs and cats of all ages. You can rest assured that our veterinary team will treat your pet with the respect and compassion they deserve while they’re in our care. Reach out to us today to schedule your pet’s next appointment and learn more about our Scarborough dog and cat rehabilitation centre!

Does My Pet Need Rehabilitation?

It’s normal to question whether our pet rehabilitation services are right for your beloved companion. Pet rehabilitation, at its core, is aimed at improving your pet’s mobility and range of motion through various forms of therapy. That’s why our experienced and knowledgeable veterinary team is here to answer your questions and highlight the benefits of our services. It’s also important to note that rehabilitation may be necessary for a wide range of reasons, as a puppy can need them just as much as a senior cat.

Some of the reasons your pet may need to receive care at our Scarborough pet rehabilitation centre include:

  • They’ve completed major surgery and need a way to reduce swelling, inflammation, and muscle stiffness.
  • They’re reluctant to climb up or down stairs, which can be a potential sign of musculoskeletal problems.
  • They have trouble getting up from sitting, as various problems like arthritis can limit their mobility.
  • They’ve begun to shorten their stride while walking, as maxing out their range of motion pains them.
  • They no longer want to go on walks, which serves as a major red flag for possible joint or muscle pain.

Our Extensive Pet Rehabilitation Services

When you bring your cat or dog in for their initial appointment, we’ll begin by determining what their needs are. The way we approach a pet who is receiving post-surgical care may be different than how we work with a pet who’s experiencing age-related muscle loss. From there, our team will work to create their personalized pet rehabilitation plan, which details what services we recommend and what they entail.

Our comprehensive Scarborough pet rehabilitation services include, but are not limited to:

Water Treadmill Therapy

Underwater treadmill or hydro-treadmill therapy uses a special walking machine that’s submerged in various depths of water. During therapy, the water temperature and turbulence are adjusted depending on your pet’s unique needs. For example, the turbulence may be increased as your pet begins to build strength. Additionally, we may have your pet walk backward to target specific areas of their leg muscles.

Exercise & Obstacles

As part of our pet rehabilitation services, we use exercise and obstacles to help improve your pet’s strength and mobility. Depending on your cat or dog’s situation, we may use range-of-motion exercises, have them stand on unstable surfaces, and navigate obstacle courses. Through a combination of different exercises, our team can address musculoskeletal weakness, stiffness, or imbalance.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy for dogs and cats is a state-of-the-art physical therapy treatment. By using light waves of specific wavelengths, the technology causes photobiomodulation, the alteration of cellular or tissue physiology, in your pet. Light absorbed by your pet’s cellular components helps stimulate electrons and activates their cells to promote growth, migration, and repair. Laser therapy is commonly used to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, promote faster healing, and relax muscles.

Massage Therapy

Just as massage therapy can be beneficial for humans, it can also help cats and dogs. Stroking and kneading the soft tissues of your pet’s body can relieve muscle spasms, encourage blood flow, decrease edema, and minimize tissue adhesions after surgery. Our practice can use massage therapy in combination with other treatments to help your pet improve their mobility.

Cat & Dog Rehabilitation in Scarborough

At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we’re passionate about improving the well-being of cats and dogs of all ages. That’s why we proudly provide extensive pet rehabilitation services. Whether you’re interested in laser therapy for your cat or water treadmill therapy for your dog, you can rest assured they’re in good hands with our team. From post-surgical care to age-related issues like arthritis, our Scarborough pet rehabilitation services can help your pet get back to living life to the fullest. Call or visit our office today to schedule your pet’s next appointment!