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Pet Microchipping

Protect Your Cat and Dog with a Microchip in Toronto

We understand how important your pets are to you. Losing them can be traumatic for you as well as for them. They may end up among the unidentified lost strays at animal shelters. Such kind of mishaps can easily be prevented with the use of microchips. Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital offers pet microchipping services in Toronto. Microchips are tiny computer chips that can be implanted under your pet’s skin. The chips have a unique identification number, which will help you track your pets if they are lost. Some people also use tags and collars to identify their pets. But getting your pets chipped compared to the use of tags and collars is one of the best steps to protect your pet.

How Does A Microchip Work?

Microchips are tiny cylindrical devices, almost the size of a rice grain that can be placed below the skin of your pet. The procedure is very straightforward and safe. The chip can be easily implanted with the help of a syringe. This process would not hurt much as it will mostly be the same as vaccinating your pet. Please make sure that the implant is done by a veterinarian or a veterinary technician to prevent any complications during the implant.

A microchip uses radio frequency identification technology and contains a unique identification (UID) number. When you pet is scanned using the microchip scanner, the UID data stored in the chip is read and then displayed. This UID number can then be used to retrieve the pet owner’s contact details.

The microchips can have different frequencies. One of the most commonly used frequencies is the 125 kHz chip. This can be detected by most of the scanners. For more information on microchips and their function, call us.

Advantages of microchips for Dogs & Cats

Microchipping your pet can give the following benefits:

Stays Permanently

Most pet owners prefer to get collars and tags with the pet’s name and phone number on them. These tags and collars can easily fall off, or the written information on them can wear off. But when a microchip is implanted in the pet, it stays permanently without you having to worry about it. Although there have been some reported cases of chips moving under the skin, these cases are incredibly rare

Helps Further Protect Against being Stolen or Lost

Use of a microchip also ensures that your pet will be returned to you if they are lost. Studies show that pets with microchips are better protected from being stolen and possibly sold. Moreover, the information on the microchip cannot be tampered by anyone else.

Provides Proof Of Ownership

If your pet is stolen, the microchip can help establish your ownership. The information can be handy if someone else claims ownership on your pet.

Enables You To add Extra Functionalities To The Chip

The ability of the chip can be enhanced, with certain added programming. For instance, your dog door will open only if your dog approaches. This will help you keep stray animals away from your home.

Give yourself the peace of mind, and the freedom your pet deserves, with pet microchipping services in Toronto. For more information on microchipping, or to set up an appointment, please contact us.