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Pricing is subject to change, payment for the surgery is expected upon surgical intake, and refunds or extra costs will be billed at surgical pickup. A deposit of $50 is required to book new patients to hold their surgical spots and will not be refunded if canceled less than 24 hours before the surgery date. *

Also these are base prices that are dependent on several factors:

  • size/weight (microscopic is not the starting point as it is more difficult)
  • age/sexual maturity
  • if a post surgical cone or pajamas are needed
  • if blood work is an option or not due to age or medically necessitated
  • if post surgical laser therapy is chosen
  • if a microchip insertion is chosen
  • if the pet is obese
  • if the pet is pregnant or in heat
  • If dew claw removal is needed
  • If hernia repair is needed
  • if deciduous (baby) teeth need to be removed
Feline Neuter base price is $235.04
Feline Spay starts at $359.23
K9 Neuter base price is $403.31
K9 Spay starts at $459.91