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Puppy's First Vet Visit

Your puppy is a bundle of energy and joy, and you want to keep it that way. That’s why you need to take your new family member to see a trusted and experienced veterinarian. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we’ll ensure your puppy has all the vaccinations and treatments it needs to stay strong and grow into a healthy, happy dog. We serve humans and their puppies from anywhere in the GTA.

When to Take Your Puppy To See A Veterinarian

Chances are, you’ve adopted a puppy about 8 to 12 weeks old that’s already been to a vet for deworming and a general check. However, try to book a vet visit as soon as possible, as this is a critical age of development. After an initial visit, return to the vet clinic every two to four weeks

What Happens During A Puppies First Vet Visit?

First, a veterinarian will conduct a physical examination, including:

  • Weigh the puppy
  • Check its ears, nose, teeth, and joints
  • Evaluate its vision
  • Take its body temperature
  • Listen to the puppy’s heart and lungs
  • Examine its fur
  • Administer a booster shot, if needed
  • Check for signs of parasites

Puppy Services Are Available At Our Toronto Hospital

The puppy clinic at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital offers the following treatments for your furry loved one:

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

The vet will begin administering vaccinations to protect your puppy from viruses, parasites, and diseases. The timing of the vaccines is essential, so a Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital vet can help you schedule the shots. Also, during this time, your vet will administer heartworm-prevention medication.

Microchipping Your Puppy

microchip is injected under the skin between your puppy’s shoulder blades. It has a unique identification number that a scanner can read. If your dog runs away or gets lost and is turned in to animal control authorities or a vet’s office, they can scan the chip and contact you. Microchips aren’t mandatory but highly recommended.

Parasite Control

Puppies are vulnerable to parasites such as ticks and fleas, which can carry fatal diseases. Your vet can prescribe the best flea and tick prevention medicine for your puppy, which you can begin administering at around two months of age.

Spay And Neuter

Spay and neuter procedures prevent unwanted pregnancies and can decrease aggressive behaviors down the road. It also reduces the risk of certain cancers and other diseases. You can have your puppy spayed or neutered when it reaches around six months old.

Take Your Puppy To Its First Vet Visit In Scarborough

At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we’ll ensure your puppy is healthy and ready to take on the world. We’re located in Scarborough and serve clients across the GTA. Book a first vet visit today to establish a trusting, caring relationship between your puppy and a vet.

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